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Orange, Soy, & Sherry Vinaigrette*

Serves 8

2 C orange juice
1/2 C sherry wine
1/3 C sherry vinegar
2 oz fresh ginger, peeled, sliced
4 shallots, sliced
1/2 C soy sauce
4 cloves garlic
2 C reduced chicken stock
Pepper to taste
1/4 C olive oil
2 sprigs fresh rosemary

In a noncorrosive saucepan, sauté the ginger in cooking spray for 1 minute. Add the shallots and garlic; continue cooking for another minute. Deglaze with vinegar and wine. Add orange juice, soy sauce, and rosemary; cook until liquid is reduced to 3/4 its original volume. Add the chicken stock and cook for 3 minutes. Strain into a blender jar. With the blender on a low setting, slowly add the oil until it is incorporated. Serve warm with Fennel-Crusted Tuna with Crisp Vegetables.

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