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Veal Medallions with Braised Endives*

Serves 1

2 veal medallions (2 oz each), pounded thin
2 medium Belgian endives, cut lengthwise
1 large tomato, peeled, seeded, diced
1 T chopped dill and tarragon
1 T chopped shallots
6 balls potato (cut with a melon baller), boiled

Arrange the endives in a skillet lightly coated with vegetable spray. Season with lemon juice and pepper and add a little water. Cover; cook until tender.

Keep warm.

Cook veal in a hot pan lightly coated with vegetable spray. Keep warm.

Sauté the tomato and shallots in a hot skillet. Add some of the cooking liquid from the endives. Season. Cook until the tomato sauce is slightly thick. Add the dill and tarragon.

To serve, drain the endives and arrange them on a plate. Place the veal on top. Spoon the sauce over the veal. Arrange the boiled potatoes around the plate.

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