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Roasted Spring Salmon with Lemon Grass Broth*

Serves 4

4 salmon fillets (6 oz each)
2 T minced garlic, sautéed
2 T finely chopped chervil
1 T finely chopped Italian parsley
2 T bread crumbs
8 Oriental spring roll wrappers (6 inch)
4 stalks lemon grass, roughly chopped
1 stalk fennel or celery, finely sliced
1 leek, white part only, sliced
1 1b salmon trimmings and scraps
3 oz dry white wine
3 pt cold water
3 chervil sprigs
3 parsley sprigs
1 tarragon sprig
1 cilantro sprig
1 pinch saffron (optional)
1 star anise
5 there sine sacreen beans, or asparagus
1 C mixed mushrooms, browned in cooking spray
2 tomatoes, blanched, peeled, and diced
Fresh chervil sprigs

Season the salmon fillets with ground white pepper. Combine the garlic, chervil, parsley, and bread crumbs. Lightly brush the spring roll wrappers with some water (if your sheets are small, place 2 together so that they overlap by about 1 inch). Sprinkle the moistened sheets with the herb mixture, place the salmon fillets on the sheets, and wrap the dough around the fillets. In a skillet coated with vegetable spray, lightly brown the wrapped fillets on each side and then roast them in a 400° oven for 5 to 7 minutes.

Sweat the lemon grass and vegetables in cooking spray over moderate heat until they are soft but not colored. Add the fish trimmings and cook for a 1 minute; add the wine. Bring the mixture to a boil and continue to boil until reduced by half. Add the cold water and bring back to the boil again. Skim off any impurities. Add the herbs, star anise, and peppercorns. Simmer for 20 minutes, remove from heat, and pass through a fine mesh strainer.

To serve, heat 1-1/2 pt of the lemon grass broth along with the peas to blanch them; add the saffron if desired. When the peas are almost tender, add the tomato and mushrooms, checking the broth’s flavor and seasoning with pepper if necessary. Slice the ends from the roasted salmon; discard. Cut each fillet into 3 or 4 pieces. Arrange these in shallow bowls and ladle the broth around the fish, being careful to distribute the vegetables evenly. Garnish each serving with chervil sprigs.

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