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Thank you for visiting CookPalette. I hope you enjoy the recipes found at CookPalette.

We are neither professional chefs nor experienced recipe developers.  We just like cooking and sharing recipes we’ve gathered over the years. Especially ones that appear to be healthy.

The end result of the recipe depends on several factors – ingredients, types of equipment, the reader’s cooking ability, judgement capabilities. CookPalette or its writers do not take responsibility for the outcome of the recipe found on our website or linked to any other source.

CookPalette tries its best to remove any typos on recipes. But typos happen. Let us know if you see any.


The reader must take the responsibility to review the listed ingredients before cooking to ensure none of the ingredients causes potential adverse effects to anyone consuming the food. Adverse effects include allergies, issues arising due to health-related restricted-diet, pregnancy-related effects.


Nutrition information provided for recipes on CookPalette is estimated and for guidance only. We are not dieticians or nutritionists and don’t have any medical training at all. The “healthy” label on CookPalette and its recipes is general statement based on basic ingredients. “Healthy” can be very different from person to person based on many factors. Any values provided are for information purpose only.

The varying factors such as product type and brands purchased can change the nutritional values in any given recipe. To obtain accurate nutritional values, you should calculate in your preferred calculator with actual ingredients used in your recipe. Under no circumstances, is CookPalette responsible for loss or damage caused as a result of your reliance on nutritional information. We supply our recipes free.


We always welcome feedback, positive or negative. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the ingredients, instructions or anything related to the recipe. We try our best to provide you with as much information as possible.

We really hope the recipe comes out as you expect it to be, but sometimes it might not! Not everyone shares the same taste for food. Cooking is a personal and creative process, everyone is unique and has their own preferences, a culinary style. Take the recipes on CookPalette as a base and feel free to customize to suit your palate.

Happy Cooking!

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